FAQ for Parents and Guardians

Is Write the World’s College Essay Bootcamp the right fit for my child?

Write the World’s Complete Your College Essay Bootcamp will take your high school juniors and seniors through the entire college essay writing process in less than a week. Under the guidance of our education team deploying our successful essay-writing process developed at the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative, your student will leave with a polished, standout personal statement—showing admissions officers what they uniquely have to offer. Whether your teen is already drafting their essay or hasn’t put pen to paper, we’re here to help them get their college essay ready for their dream-school, all within a supportive community of educators and peers.

Our virtual Bootcamp comprises two, three-hour synchronous Zoom sessions in which our expert education team guides participants through innovative writing activities that will take them from brainstorm to full draft. Throughout these sessions, our education team will provide personalized feedback to accommodate participants’ different skill levels and strengths, and in less than a week they will receive individualized, in-depth feedback on their draft that will show them how to give it the final polish it needs. They will also have the opportunity to pursue further rounds of review with our education team.

What will personalized feedback for my child look like?

Participants will receive six hours of live, online guidance on their essay along with multiple rounds of individualized, in-depth written feedback from our education team that will provide students with key revisions and a roadmap for implementing them. 

Who are your educators? 

Our team of trained editors and educators have a deep professional knowledge of college essay writing and college admissions standards as well as a passion for mentoring. Learn about them here

Our educators use comprehensive admissions-focused rubrics as well as our in-text commenting tool to provide students with line edits (addressing mechanics and grammar), as well in-depth feedback on the bigger-picture components of writing—designed to meet admissions standards and develop writing abilities. Educator feedback also includes personalized mentoring throughout the six hours of synchronous meeting time.

Who is facilitating this Bootcamp?

Daily synchronous meetings (three hours each day) will be led by our expert education team. Your child will also receive educator guidance between, during, and immediately after the program through personalized feedback that reflects admissions standards and develops writing abilities.

What kinds of activities will you offer?

We guide students from brainstorm to full draft with tested and effective writing activities focused both on process and product and geared toward admissions standards. These activities will provide participants with a toolbox of writing techniques that they will use when composing their essay as well as in their college career and beyond. To get a broader sense of WtW’s methodologies and community, your child can sign up to in advance of the Bootcamp.

Will my child have to share their full essay with other participants?

While we recognize the value of peer review in the writing process, we also respect the confidential nature of the college essay and do not require participants to share full essay drafts with other participants. Sharing opportunities are conducted on an activity-by-activity basis. 

Is Write the World a safe platform for my child?

Our dedicated team of Write the World trained site monitors moderates all content following established site terms. Write the World is committed to maintaining a supportive and safe writing community for its members.

How many students are participating? 

In order to ensure that each student receives the attention and support they need to complete a standout essay that wows admissions officers, this program is capped at twenty spots. 

How is the Bootcamp structured, and when will my child receive feedback?

There will be three hours of synchronous activities and writing prompts via Zoom video conference on both Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m. EDT. Within these sessions there will be time for student writing, so that participants can complete their drafts by the end of the day.

Between 3:30 pm EDT on Saturday and 12 p.m. EDT on Sunday, educators will provide critiques on three writing responses per participant, so that each student will have feedback before attending the Sunday synchronous session. 

Between 5 p.m. EDT on Sunday and the end of the day on Monday, participants will submit their full draft to our educators for an extensive, in-depth review. Students will receive rubric-based feedback from our educators no later than Wednesday, containing advice for any final revisions.

What if my child’s essay draft doesn’t feel ready to submit to colleges at the end of the program?

While we will ensure every young writer leaves the program with a full draft and multiple rounds of edits to give it that final polish, Bootcamp participants will automatically receive 20% off any additional rounds of one-on-one Expert Feedback (normally priced at $129). Expert Feedback will be offered on an as-needed basis. Participants will learn more information during the Bootcamp.

We will also be offering a second College Essay One-Weekend Bootcamp on December 12–13. Sign up here to be notified when enrollment opens.

What if my child has multiple essays they need support with?

As mentioned above, Bootcamp participants will automatically receive 20% off any additional rounds of Expert Feedback (normally priced at $129). In 2021 we will be launching several new programs that will help develop students’ Supplemental Essays. Stay tuned for updates!

What should I do if I have technical issues or other questions about the program?

We’re here to help! Please reach out to College Essay Program Director Gabi Lieberman-Miller at with questions.

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