“How’s your college essay going?”

It’s the question that’s launched a thousand tiffs.  

This year the stakes are especially high: Due to the impact of COVID-19 on standardized tests and student GPAs, there is more riding on your student’s college essay than ever.

But the goal remains the same: show off! Your teen’s writing skills, the contributions she alone can make to campus, his one-of-a-kind self  . . . all with one expertly-crafted, lasting impression forged in around 650 of their own words.

Parents often tell us they’re concerned about the college essay, that they feel secondhand intimidation, and that they wish they had more insight into how it’s going, and how to help, without starting an argument. This course is our answer.

“Bootcamp gave me the structure and guidance to thoroughly explain a part of my life and give college admissions officers a glimpse at who I really am.”

—Michael, Boston College

How It Works

Your teen will work hard for an intensive weekend bootcamp, mixing live small group instruction with independent writing sessions and expert essay coaches responding to her ideas and questions along the way.

A complete draft is due Monday, December 14, at 5pm ET, and comprehensive, actionable feedback will be sent back on Wednesday.

From there teens will polish their final drafts, checking revision lists—and spellchecking twice!—and settle in for a relaxing holiday season with no looming deadlines or last-minute meltdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t think my student has started her college essay. Is that ok?
Yes! We’ve got the exercises that get young writers reflecting and going deep on the topics that feel right.

My teen might have a draft or a start, but I think he still needs help. Still ok to do bootcamp?
Absolutely. He’ll get a gut check on whether he’s chosen a strong topic and learn the techniques especially suited to the college essay.

Is bootcamp virtual?
Yes, and please note we strongly prefer that everyone appears on camera, though joining via audio is the minimum requirement.

What does it cost?
$499, which includes 7 hours of live workshop instruction and 3 opportunities to receive targeted, thoughtful feedback on your student’s writing from our team, the final one being a comprehensive review of a complete draft. Not to mention, the peace of mind that they did it—they put in the work and can submit with confidence, knowing they capitalized on the essay to make their best case for admission.

What’s the format?
Bootcamp begins Saturday and Sunday at 12pm ET and run around 3.5 hours. Outside of that, participants will be writing independently and submitting work for our experts’ reviews. See the full bootcamp course agenda here.

Who else goes to bootcamp?
Fellow junior and senior essay writers from around the U.S. and the world—we find students really enjoy the peer interaction—and our stellar team of college essay guides: Billie, Liza, Brittany, Chris, and Anna. You can meet the team here.

I have some more questions.
Sure thing! See our Parents’ FAQ.

What is WritetheWorld.com?
We’re a free online writing community for teens ages 13–19 from around the world. Since our founding at Harvard University in 2012, we’ve been drawing in young writers with monthly genre competitions, thought-provoking prompts, and the thrill of making new friends while reviewing others’ or publishing one’s own work.

We have years of experience guiding students to write and write well. Our College Essay Program curriculum was incubated at Harvard University and is run by our expert team, dedicated to helping students navigate the essay writing process.