Complete Your College Application Essay

Complete Your College Essay

Week-long Virtual Writing Workshop

Conquer the Common Application Essay with confidence! Learn from Ivy-League educated and trained instructors on how to go from college essay ideas to execution.

Now more than ever, the college essay is what will make students stand out, allowing aspiring college applicants to showcase their individuality and depict their personal story through their writing.

“Carbon copies [of students] are not needed. What will work best for admissions officers – particularly at this time – is for students to be able to hold a mirror to themselves and truly be authentic.”

Director of College Counseling at Northfield Mount Hermon

In just one week, Junior and Senior attendees will virtually join their peers to participate in our essay writing process developed at the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative and walk away with a polished, authentic Personal Statement. With the guidance of our expert Advisors, students will brainstorm thoughtful topics, focus on a unique narrative, apply it to their college essay, and gain life-long writing skills to portray their ideas to admissions officers and beyond. After multiple rounds of editing and refining, students will complete the college essay that they can be proud to submit to the colleges of their dreams. 

Whether students are already drafting or haven’t yet put pen to paper, we’re here to help get their essay college ready.  See more about our supportive community of educators here.

Complete Your College Essay Workshop Highlights:

  • Three live and two independent sessions that will comprehensively guide students through the college essay process
  • Full insight into what college admissions officers are looking for
  • Helpful tips on common pitfalls and cliches to avoid in college essays
  • Tools and prompts to discover an essay topic that is perfectly you
  • Deep self-reflection exercises to unearth a strong essay with a clear story sequence

Schedule & Registration

For just $349, students gain the guidance needed to work through the Common Application College Essay strategically and efficiently.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be live sessions from 1-3pm ET/10am-12pm PT.

On Tuesday and Thursday, self-driven readings and resources will be provided.

Complete Your College Essay
Session #1

7/12/2021 - 7/16/2021


Complete Your College Essay
Session #2

7/26/2021 - 7/30/2021


Complete Your College Essay
Session #3

8/2/2021 - 8/6/2021


Complete Your College Essay workshops are sold out for the summer season.

But don’t panic! We’ll be back this fall.

In the meantime, check out our affordable, on-demand support: College Essay Review. Students are able to access a college essay editor anytime, anywhere, and receive comprehensive written feedback within 48 hours on any essay draft.

Running September 2021 onward

DAY 1: Building Blocks
Live, virtual 2-Hour Session:
(1-3pm ET/10am-12pm PT)
  • Intro to the College Essay
  • In the Shoes of an Admissions Officer
  • Unlocking Your Common App Essay
  • Storytelling Exercise
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Diving into the Writing Process
DAY 2: Deep Dive
Resources & Writing Activities:
  • Ten Tips to a Top-Notch Essay
  • Review College Essay Samples - The Good and The Great
  • Writing Activity: Explore Your Key Ingredient
  • Advisor Feedback Provided within 24 hours
DAY 3: Road Mapping
Live, virtual 2-Hour Session:
(1-3pm ET/10am-12pm PT)
  • Review of Advisor Feedback
  • Intro to the Full Draft
  • Identifying Central Themes
  • Roadmapping a Successful Essay
  • Breakout Sessions (includes small-group & 1-1 support)
DAY 4: The Full Draft
Resources & Writing Activities:
  • Remedies for Writer’s Block
  • Integrating Reflection into Your Essay
  • Submit a Full Draft
  • Advisor Feedback Provided within 24 hours
DAY 5: Refining & Revising
Live, virtual 2-Hour Session:
(1-3pm ET/10am-12pm PT)
  • Final review of Advisor feedback
  • Writing and Refining Exercises
  • Advanced Writing and Editing Tips
  • Breakout Sessions (includes small group & 1-1 support)
  • Completed College Essay

What Our Teens Say

— Daniel, 16

— Luiza, 17

— Mariam, 17

— Maya, 15


Our team of trained Advisors has a deep professional knowledge of college essay writing and college admissions standards, as well as a passion for mentoring. During this workshop, students will receive 6+ hours of live guidance during their sessions, as well as 3 rounds of comprehensive feedback notes within 24 hours from our Advisors. Our team will use admissions-focused rubrics and our in-text commenting tool to provide feedback on bigger-picture components of writing – such as style, tone, structure, and theme – as well as detailed line edits addressing mechanics, spelling, and grammar.

This week-long, virtual workshop will be held entirely on Zoom. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Advisors will host 2-hour sessions. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students will be given self-guided resources and activities to complete. See our day-to-day schedule here

In order to ensure that each student receives the attention and support they need to find their key ingredient, this program is capped at 20 spots.

We’re here to help! Please reach out to our Administrative Specialist for College & Workshop Programs, Janelle Milanes at

We highly recommend supplementing this Complete Your College Essay Workshop with our Jumpstart Your College Essay workshop for those of you who are just getting started, and are looking for a robust college essay experience. You’ll engage with a community of 9th-11th grade peers from across the globe, and reflect deeply on your unique “key ingredient” through our fun, interactive exercises. 

For those of you who are looking for affordable, on-demand support, we also offer College Essay Review. Students are able to access a college essay editor anytime, anywhere and receive comprehensive written feedback within 48 hours on any essay draft.

Those who register for 2+ programs receive 20% off automatically.

Since its founding at Harvard University in 2013, Write the World—the online platform for writing instruction—has engaged 30,000 teens (ages 13-19), and 3,000 educators in over 100 countries. We have years of experience guiding students to write and write well, and our college essay curriculums are no exception. Our students write great application essays and become stronger writers, better prepared for college and beyond. See more about us, here.

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Complete Your College Application Essay
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