Weekend Workshop FAQ for Parents and Guardians

Is Write the World’s Environmental Writing Weekend Workshop the right fit for my child?

The Environmental Writing Weekend Workshop is an excellent way for teens ages 13-18 to explore the world of environmental writing within a supportive community of educators and peers. Whether your teen is an avid author or penning their first piece, we welcome their participation and will provide personalized feedback to accommodate different skill levels and strengths. Participants will connect with other teens around the world through the process of peer review—stepping into the role of “editor” as they give feedback and reflect on comments received from other student writers. In addition, your teen will receive personalized mentoring from our team.

Is the workshop moderated? 

Yes. Write the World’s (WtW) dedicated team of site moderators will read all published  content following established site terms. WtW is committed to maintaining a supportive writing community for its members.

How many young writers are participating? 

Workshops are limited to around  20 participants in order to maintain cohesion and support community-building. We also incorporate breakout-room activities into our synchronous Zoom sessions to allow young writers to connect in smaller sub-cohorts.

Who is facilitating this workshop?

The workshop offers two tiers of facilitation. Daily synchronous activities (2 hrs) will be led by one or more of the educators on our team. During the weekend, we will feature a special guest appearance by noted environmental writer Jonathan Mingle. Your child will also receive personalized feedback through comments and rubrics designed to support young writers’ growth. This will be conducted in an asynchronous format.

How long will my child be writing each day? What does “self-guided” mean?

We will host 2 hours of synchronous activities through video conference via Zoom each day (12:30 p.m.–2:30 p.m. EDT). Then, your young writer will have a specific set of prompts and peer reviews to complete each day. This self-guided writing should take 1-2 hours each day, depending on your child’s pace and approach. We will provide feedback on this writing asynchronously.

What kinds of prompts will you offer?

We will introduce and guide participants through multiple writing genres within the world of environmental writing (i.e. poetry, reflection/personal narrative, and opinion writing). Our engaging prompts will focus both on “product” and “process.” Through understanding the “process” of writing, participants will build a toolbox of techniques to deploy when composing environmental writings, focusing on specific elements of craft (i.e. characterization, dialogue, setting, argument, etc.). WtW will also offer a mix of brief prompts that encourage bulleted lists or one-sentence replies; these are geared towards community-building. To get a broader sense of WtW’s prompts and our wider community, your child can sign up to www.writetheworld.com in advance of the workshop.

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