Virtual Writing Camp

Virtual Writing Camp

Jump into new genres of writing, connect with campers across the globe, and learn from notable authors, editors, and educators in Write the World’s Virtual Writing Camp.

Spend your summer immersed in a virtual community of teen writers (ages 13-19) from over 100 countries as you experiment with the written word, try your hand at new styles of writing, and work with notable professionals to create pieces you’re proud of… all without leaving your home! 

Whether you choose to spend your free time filling journals with poetry and prose or are new to putting your thoughts on paper, we welcome you to join our week-long writing camps in July and August, 2021.

A Look Inside Our Offerings…

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Back by popular demand! From monsters to centaurs, cars that fly to computers that cure disease, the sci-fi and fantasy genres allow writers and readers to dream big, carrying us into alternate universes that inspire us to think differently about our own. In this workshop, you’ll focus on key tools in a sci-fi/fantasy writer’s toolbox: worldbuilding, captivating characterization, dialogue that serves as a tether to our world and a portal to another, and more! Work towards the creation of a flash sci-fi or fantasy story that you can take with you into the (human) world after your time in camp, and connect with a professional fantasy author for real-time advice on how to make sci-fi and fantasy stories shine.


From timeless blockbusters to sensational serials, there is—behind every great movie, show, or short—an equally great writer wielding words to create entertainment. But how often do we stop to consider and appreciate the elegance and mastery required by the art of screenwriting, let alone have an opportunity to try our hand at the craft?

In this workshop, explore the power of dialogue, the intricacy of body language, scenery, and nonverbal cues, and the real-world relevance of screenwriting as you work to grow and hone your writing skills.


Poetry is not only beautiful but powerful, a tool used throughout history to make change in communities local and global. At a time when the world can feel tumultuous, poetry offers hope, light, and a vehicle for communicating across difference, for sharing new perspectives that have the potential to change hearts and minds. In this workshop, we’ll work together to explore a variety of poetic tools and forms and write poems that raise awareness for causes we care about, from racial justice to the environment, and more.


Tell me a story, but make it quick! That’s what flash fiction allows us to do. Within the confines of a short narrative (typically 300-800 words), flash fiction authors wield their magic by fitting all elements of strong storytelling, from setting to character description, dialogue to conflict, into a tale told with powerful brevity. In this workshop, we’ll explore how the constraints of a set word count can (perhaps surprisingly) lead to creative freedom, allowing authors to distill their story to its most important and effective message.


Writing is not only a form of art but activism. The stories we tell are tools for shaping the kinds of communities we wish to see, and to belong to. From spoken word poetry to opinion essays, letters to the editor to a short story whose conflict inspires us to see our world anew, the written word allows authors everywhere to change the way people perceive one another, as well as the world around them. In this workshop, we’ll explore a range of writing styles that allow us to share our voices with the world, advocate for causes we care about, and, in the words of Gandhi, “Be the change [we] wish to see.”


From stand-up comedy to satire, the Sunday comics to a seriously funny serial, there is a delicate art involved in making people laugh. In this workshop, we’ll learn to wield the written word to share humor with the world, taking a look at how word choice, tone, context, allusion, metaphor, and delivery all contribute to effective— and hilarious!—writing.


Have you ever wondered what it takes to share your writing with the world? What you really need to know to submit your short story to a literary journal, for example, or write an Op-Ed for the newspaper, or publish on a professional blog, or even pitch your own book to an editor or agent? If so, then this workshop is for you! We will spend a week taking a peek behind the “curtain” of the publishing world to explore how best to find and share your identity as an author, seek “right fit” publication opportunities, write story pitches and book proposals, and more.

Learn from an expert in the publishing field as you grow as a writer (or maybe as a future editor, agent, or publishing professional yourself!) and create pitches to send to the Editor in Chief of the digital news outlet Parentology for a chance to publish and share your writing with the world.


What makes you, you? Which of your life experiences, big or small, have sculpted you into the person you are, and the person you are becoming? How do these stories shape your view of the world and your place within it? In this workshop, we’ll explore the genre of “micro memoir”– personal narrative essays that offer bursts of insight, windows into our lived experiences that cultivate connection with readers. Maybe you’re dying to share the story of how a summer backpacking trip with your grandfather gave you a new perspective on race relations, or how your time in “lockdown” during the COVID-19 pandemic changed your thinking about social media. Whether you keep a daily diary or have never before written in first-person, you have a unique story to share! We look forward to investigating techniques such as tone, point-of-view, dialogue, reflection, and more, as we explore how and why personal storytelling is an important form of art and advocacy.



During camp, you’ll engage in interactive writing activities, connect with peers around the world, and work together to grow your writing skills.

After camp, you’ll work independently (and asynchronously) on writing prompts and activities, guided by peer and expert review, at your own pace, for a total time commitment of about three to four hours per day.

Registration & Cost

Registration is $249 for one week of camp.  Repeat participants will receive 20% each additional week of camp.

What Our Campers Say:

“This experience helped me grow because I was in a supportive community of writers. It was amazing to hear so many different perspectives.”

Cameron Hunt, 14

“Having another perspective on one’s work can be a very enlightening experience and it doesn’t have to be scary. My mentor was able to point me to new possibilities for my writing and my characters, and I’m very grateful for it. It’s really fun to give people reviews on their work.”

Minna Chow, 16

“I have grasped a better understanding of myself as a writer. I have learned the importance of balancing plot and description and dialogue, as well as integrating them in a more seamless manner. It’s a very positive and safe community to share and improve your work.”

Tiffany Leong, 17


Check out our parent and guardian FAQ, and reach out to Write the World’s Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Brittany Collins, for more information:

Virtual Writing Camp is an excellent way for teens ages 13-19 to explore a variety of writing genres within a supportive community of educators, authors, and peers. Whether your teen is an avid author or penning their first piece, we welcome their participation and will provide personalized feedback to accommodate different skill levels and strengths.

Yes. For camps that entail writing in a group on our website, the dedicated team of Write the World (WtW) trained site moderators will monitor young writers’ content following established guidelines. WtW is committed to maintaining a supportive writing community for its members.

Campers will work in small cohorts of about 20-25 teens to maintain cohesion and support community building.

WtW Virtual Writing Camp offers two tiers of facilitation. Some of our offerings are led by members of the WtW team, trained authors and educators who work with our global community of young writers year-round. Other camp opportunities are facilitated by notable authors, editors, educators, and/or publishing professionals who bring their expertise to our community and connect teens’ writing instruction with the “real world” through their expert guidance and feedback. All guest facilitators are trained by WtW.

We will host 90-minute synchronous camp sessions, involving interactive writing activities, through video conferencing via Zoom each day. (Note: in most cases, these will take place from 11a.m.-12:30p.m. EDT, but we will attempt to accommodate different time zones; if necessary, sessions will be recorded for those individuals who cannot make the live meetings). Then, in most cases, your teen will have a specific set of prompts and/or peer reviews to complete each day. This self-guided writing should consume approximately 2 hours each day, depending on your teen’s pace and approach, for a total of approximately 4 hours of camp engagement each day. 

Yes! We are pleased to offer the following discount structures, including a family discount. You can apply the appropriate discount at checkout. 

Early registrants will receive…

  • 10% off enrollment when registering up to one month prior to the registration deadline


Family/sibling registrations will receive…

  • $399 enrollment for 2 participants, $349 enrollment for 3 or more


Repeat participants will receive…

  • 15% off subsequent 2021 workshops, 25% off upon sign up for 3 weeks or more.
Virtual Writing Camp

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